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Australian Esperanto Association
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 TrAid Enterprise Team

Aim: To  promote ethical international trade to support disadvantaged producers.

Rationale: The Esperanto network covers practically the whole world and a vast range of economic circumstances. "TrAid" is a way to put the network to good use and to encourage the participation of others.

Team Brief:

1. Use the global network to make trade links between  communities, exporting Aboriginal Art and other Australian products and importing handcrafts from financially poorer countries, in a similar way to the Community Aid Abroad program.

2. Apply for funding to support establishment of the program.

3. Market goods via the internet and other outlets.

4. Promote the program.

5. Consider expanding to include a manufacturing operation involving screen printing and monogramming, using Work-For-the-Dole labour and capital. The operation could print and stitch products for global  Esperanto community as well as for local community organisations and may be able to generate funds to support the humanitarian aims of the TrAid program.

To get involved contact: Penny Vos

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