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Australian Esperanto Association
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Aim: To communicate really well,  among ourselves and with the wider community.


We need to make sure that the door to Esperanto in Australia is as wide open as can be!

People anywhere in Australia  should be able to look us up in the ‘phone book and speak to someone about Esperanto. (To my knowledge, we now have listings in 5 of the 51 Australian telephone books).

Our website needs to be easy to find and easy for an outsider to understand. Not only that, but it needs to show immediately why Esperanto is worth further consideration and how to get involved.

Other communications tools which we already have, and need to  use for best effect are the periodical “Esperanto Sub la Suda Kruco” (ESK) and the discussion group “ EsperantoAustralia”.

Team Brief:

1. Investigate and implement options for improving our telephone coverage.
2. Update and improve the website regularly.
3. Evaluate the efficacy of ESK and EsperantoAustralia, both to convey information and to build community, and implement improvements.
4. Seek and adopt affordable options for effective communication with the general community.


To get involved, contact:

(Heather, John Gallagher, Jonathon Moylan, Donald Broadribb, Matthew Maguire, Jay Mooney, Jenny Bishop, Hazel Green)

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