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Australian Volunteer Centre Liason

Australian Esperanto Association
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Aim: To get more done by involving more volunteers and keeping them happy.

Volunteers are valuable. They:
1. Help us do worthwhile things.
2. Talk about their experiences to others.
3. Encourage us by their generosity and collaboration.
4. Offer valuable insights from their ‘outside’ viewpoint.
5. Sometimes help us get funding.
6. May choose to learn Esperanto.

Team Brief :
1. List all of AEA’s teams and projects with Volunteering Australia.
2. Update project desciptions as needed.
3.Welcome volunteers into our organisation.
4. Encourage and enable volunteers.
5. Recruit help from within AEA membership when needed for specific projects.
6. Team leader reports monthly to AEA.
7. Apply for grants to increase effectiveness of the volunteer program.
8. Arrange social occasions for members and volunteers to share.


To get involved, contact: Penny Vos, Jennifer Bishop, Trish O’Connor