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Education Team/ILEI Australia
Australian Esperanto Association
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Aim: To Promote Esperanto Education in Australia, both in and out of schools.


Rationale: Esperanto is an ideal first Language Other Than English (LOTE) because of it's regular spelling and grammatical structure and because it offers the broadest possible intercultural education in the early years. It is also a satisfying course of study for adults because it can be learned quickly and used  in many diverse countries.

Team Brief:

ILEI-Australia is an internet discussion group which overlaps considerably with the Australian membership of ILEI and includes many members of AEA.
It’s members are already working on several projects including :

1. A submission to the Commonwealth Country Areas Program and , indirectly, the  NSW Board of Studies regarding the use of Esperanto as a preliminary LOTE (Language Other Than English). If successful, it will bring many more paid teachers into ILEI and establish Esperanto within the mainstream of Australian schooling.
2. Adult education through community colleges and correspondence courses.
3.Advertising scholarships and producing resource packs for primary teachers at Summer School (ELWA).
4. Newcastle Esperanto Club is preparing and publicising opportunities for newcomers to learn in a social environment, as well as privately.
5. Designing and producing Montessori - Esperanto materials.

Other projects which may be implemented in future include:

1. World Vision – offer a course to specialists in International Liaison.
2. Home Schoolers – develop support group to introduce Esperanto and the global community of children.
3. International Baccalaureate – work with ILEI international toshow IB that Esperanto would be an equitable and useful ab initio language.
4. Present Esperanto at the International Montessori Conference in Sydney 2005.
5. Approach to NSW BOS re-Esperanto as preparation for university language study.(On hold at present).

To get involved, contact:

 Steve Pitney, Jenny Bishop, Alan Bishop, Suzanne Holton, Debra McCarney, Saani Bennets, Dianne Lukes, Trish O’Connor,

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