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Harmony Team
Australian Esperanto Association
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Aim: Celebration of Harmony Week and other Joyful Occasions.

Esperanto was created to promote harmony between people of different languages and cultures. Let's celebrate it!

Team Brief:

1. Liaise with The Office of Multicultural Affairs.
2. Access the “ Living in Harmony” Grants Program, designed to:  promote harmony between people and groups from different backgrounds in the
    local community; and build on positive values held by many people in the community - social harmony, acceptance of others, commitment to Australia, helping in
    times of crisis, fairness and equality.
3. Create  worthwhile, and newsworthy,  events to celebrate Harmony Day/Week on March 22nd every year.
4. Consider AEA participation in other special community celebrations such as:
a)  Universal Children’s Day in October
           ( a UNICEF initiative, contact 02 9261 28 11 ext 212 or email
b) Christmas Pageants in various parts of the country.
(Which are often televised, giving many people a chance to see a banner and slogan, or web-reference, and to get a feel for what we're about.)
5.  Invite members make the most of these opportunities to cooperate in like-minded events.

To get involved, contact : (Suzanne Holton, Maggie Price, Saani Bennets???)