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Australian Esperanto Association
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Aim: To provide services of commercial value in order to support our other projects.

Rationale: Esperanto has an enviable global network which can be used for the benefit of the
               movement as a whole, and provide useful and appropriate services at the same time.

Team Brief:

1. Establish a referral service for translators, language tutors, proof readers, volunteer positions abroad, travelling companions and immigration sponsors. List descriptions of options for free and make a commission at the point where contact is made (or a percentage of the fee in the case of translations).


2. Establish a Global Image Bank of photography and art. Esperantists everywhere invited to contribute pieces which are watermarked and displayed. Commercial interests can buy rights to use images and profits go to the artist with a commission to the bank. Possible extension- Publish selected images as a book and sell through mainstream bookshops for publicity using publishing money from Matasin-Banham fund.


To get involved, contact:

Penny Vos

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