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Australian Esperanto Association
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         To launch "Pax", an annual multicultural summer-school of languages and ethnic dance, cooking, martial arts and crafts in Merimbula NSW.
         (Probably about 50 six-day courses to choose from, including Esperanto and  other languages both for beginners and for other stages.)


          Many Australians do not know that Esperanto exists! "Pax" will show them that it does, and
          that it is as both as vibrant and as serious as any language, and is as much a part of Australian
          Pax will have an effective publicity budget and will tell thousands of people what Esperanto is,
          and give dozens of people a chance to learn the language every year. It will also provide an
          environment to maintain and develop fluency and to enjoy the fellowship of other Esperantists
          over the years and be a memorable week-long party for hundreds of people every year!

Team Brief:

1. Complete and submit sponsorship applications to Telstra (see unfinished draft in appendix 2), Living in Harmony and Bega Valley Shire Council .

2. Recruit a local committee, and with them: Organize courses, venues and teachers, Prepare or commission the course booklet and website,  Organize distribution and
    advertising, Arrange insurance, Collect enrolment fees,  Recommend accommodation,  Account for funds.

3. If the congress is run separately, this team may also do that.

To get involved, contact:

 (Penny Vos, Terry Manley? Helen Webb? Jonathon Moylan)

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