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                                                                  Montessori LOTE Catalogue 2
                                                       Non-Traditional Montessori Supplemental Materials


1. Wipe-off laminated learning cards with ruled lines for spelling practice. Set of 72 familiar words, phonetic in English.
    Names printed on reverse.

bovino   ?trumpeto  kuko  turbo  suno  tamburo  pilko skatolo  birdo

biciklo  stelo  luno  leono  arbo  hundo  ?uo  formiko  tapi?o  taso  kokino

insekto  rano  porko  hundo  kato  nuksoj  pomo  strigo  mono  ?loso  koro

ringo  ?evalo  vazo  ra?po  rado  horlo?o  pinglo  vagono  dek  pajlo  trajno

fadeno  poto  heliko  re?o  ?afido  foko simio  vesperto  re?ino  paste?o

 foliourso  kapro  kravato  boato  ventilo  kajto  abelo  vila?o sonorilo  ovo

vulpo  fi?o  ?apelo  anaso  buso   a?to   nesto anta?tuko banujo / kuvo

2.  “Do It Yourself L.O.T.E.” Softcover A4 book 120pp intended for use by a unilingual generalist teacher with no previous experience in LOTE teaching.

The time required to use the course material will depend on the age and ability of the class and the frequency and duration of lessons. This could be as short as a ten-week intensive course of 2-3 hours per week with older students or as long as a whole year for younger students and/or less intensive schedules.

Each unit  contains a range of activity suggestions of varying complexity and the teacher may choose to work thoroughly through each entire unit in turn or use a spiralling teaching plan, covering all of the units at a basic level and then revising and extending in subsequent cycles.

At the end of this course, your class will be equipped to continue learning and using your LOTE through email  and postal correspondence, on-line courses, a wide variety of texts, workbooks, magazines and  literature. A comprehensive resource directory is provided at the back of this book.


1. Rationale: Why LOTE? Why Esperanto? Why DIY?
2. Getting Ready
3. Letters, Things and Articles.
4. Colours and other Adjectives.
5. Pronouns.
6. Plurals and Numbers.
7. Intransitive Verbs and Tenses.
8. Adverbs of Time and Other matters.
9. Prepositions and the imperative.
10.Transitive verbs and the accusative.
11.Conjunctions and Explanations.
12. Making contact.

3. Mazi en Gondolando

4. Divenu Do - Kion mi faras

5. Ludu kun mi 1

6. Ludu kun mi 2

7. Pocket Esperanto Dictionary Andrew McLinen UEA

8. Aboco

30 pages A5 heavy paper, laminated cover, stitched.

2. Sezonoj

Set of 5 coloured posters, gameboard and 192 question and answer cards. To be used as an autodidactic tool in Montessori classrooms, a class quiz game or as a board-game for 2 or more players .

 $100 for organizations, $50 for individuals and 3rd world customers.

3. NAV cards. An entertaining game to encourage Esperanto conversation. 30 card pack consisting of 10 nouns, 10 adjectives and 10 verbs. Ask (in Esperanto) other players for cards which make up a 'NAV set' of noun, adjective and verb, no matter how unlikely the combination!

6. Manner of the word, adjective and adverb cards. Illustrative adjective cards and game rules

7. La Beleco.

8. Kantlibro

(9-14 from Toys and More, Educational Experience, Catalogue)

9.131342 Play fruit set 10 pieces, 7 types for $7.70

10. 131359 Play vegie set 10 pieces, 7 types for $7.70

11. 102442 Play money $7.70

12. Crazy Creatures 157560 body parts (31 ) to make weird animals $29.70 plus colour photo challenge cards.

13. Globetrotting game. vinyl mat 164cmx132cm + spinner $19.80

14. Magnetic board 026807 $4.95

15. Snap. Clearly printed words, no pictures. Say the name ofthe doubled word.

(16-22 from Creative playthings)

16. Hamburger and sandwich c184 $10

17. Girl Bear Box $14.20 emotions and outfits colour photo challenge cards.

18. Animal soundracks with stickers $29.50

19. Farm Stamp Kit C683 $5.90  for 10 stamps , inkpad and stickers. Consumable minibooks $10 per 10.

20. African Animals Stamp Kit C618 $5.90  for 10 stamps , inkpad and stickers.Consumable minibooks $10 per 10.

21. Sea Life Stamp Kit C684 $5.90  for 10 stamps , inkpad and stickers.Consumable minibooks $10 per 10.

22. Transportation Stamp kit C719 $4.80  for 7 stamps , inkpad and stickers.Consumable minibooks $10 per 10.

(23- from MTA)

23. Active kids painting sponges 12 for $9 RE5526 p16

24, Child's first stencil set 15 for $26.39 RE 5522 p17

25.Geometrical Sponge Shapes 16 for $32.60 p22

26. Community Helpers Rubbing Plates 16 for $15.40 RE5818 p34

27. Australian Animal  Rubbing Plates 6 for $15.40 RE5828 p34

28. Bugs  Rubbing Plates 6 for $15.40 RE5843 p34

29. Set of 10 Australiana craft punches . $ 45.40 SX 200 Use with gummed paper and consumable minibooks p40

30. Mini stickers 528 for 4.10 smiles, stars or sea creatures. Use with consumable minibooks.p63

31. Self adhesive stickers TCM1250 etc TCM 1236 etc 120 for $4.10 Sea life, wild animals, school bears, creepy crawlies. p60Use with consumable minibooks.

32. Creative Design stamps CE 894 12 for $24.50 make alphabet books or banners.p67

33. Coloured Popsticks for race to 100 CL 2328 1000 for $15.40 p70

32. Unwaxed paper plates MC 1651 15 cm diam $4.20 p72

33. Traditional Kids Card Characters RE 4208 24 $14.80 p79

34. First Printing GN40843 Scenes, 35 stamps, paints, brush and guide, $18.10

35. Kid counters LS941 jar of 100 $60.80 (set of 5 $5).Use with consumable minibooks.p168

36. Wild Animal counters LS946 jar of 260 $54.50 (set of 20 $25).Use with consumable minibooksp168

37. Bingo Bear set LER 0749 $36.30 set p169

38. Fun Fish , Mini motor , backyard bug, friendly farm,  fruity fun counters also available p169

39. Mondo Modlargilo 5 sets of plasticene and self-correcting cards to practice colours, forms, prepositions, verbs and detailed instructions.