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La Estraro

Australian Esperanto Association
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The Estraro is the management committee of AEA.

Members are elected to their posts at the AGM, usually held during Summerschool.


The Estraro consists of one president, two vice-presidents, a sekretary, a vice-secretary, a treasurer and a vice-treasurer, elected individually. States can also recommend a representative to be included in the Estraro.

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The Estraro enacts the decisions of the general meeting, performs administrative services and makes arrangements in accord with the aims of the asociation and decisions of the general meeting. It also liaises with overseas and international organisations.

Current members of the Estraro are: Marcel Leereveld (president), Sandor Horvath and Penny Vos-Pym (vice-presidents), Miranda Lutz (secretary), Henry Broadbent (vice-secretary), Stephen Pitney (treasurer), and Jennifer Bishop (vice-treasurer).

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