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Australian Esperanto Association
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This group's aim is to help other communities around the world by means of Esperanto, and its network which covers practically the whole world and a vast range of economic circumstances.

The Plan:

We are inviting and assisting disadvantaged communities around the world to join "Nabuur", an on-line organization designed to offer contact with other world citizens who can offer various types of support.

Members of this group to date are: Andrew, Bradley, Dianne, Jenny, Igor, Merrradean,Miranda, Oliver, Penny and Renato.

We have two special community projects at present:
a) A rural village in Zimbabwe which suffers very high unemployment, inflation and AIDS damage but is interested in self improvement through microcredit, and
b) A support system for Indonesian students made homeless by the tsunami. The establishment of a tourism company which may provide long-term support for the work.

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