Summer School 2006

Australian Esperanto Association
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Summer School 2006 will be held in Merimbula, NSW during January as part of AEA's commitment:
  1. to promote the use of Esperanto; 
  2. to increase among its members a strong sense of solidarity, and to develop in them understanding and esteem for peoples of other countries;
  3. to foster cooperation between Esperanto organizations; and 
  4. to organize nation-wide congresses and conferences.

Summer School 2006 will be held in the second half of January at Kianinny Cabins Resort in Tathra, Far South Coast,  NSW. The area is rich in natural beauty and there is planty to do on-site.

Links on this page take you to the venue and some of the more commercial attractions of the area.

Tathra is about midway between Sydney and Melbourne. It is not far from Merimbula which has a small airport. "Rex" flies in from as far as Adelaide. Travel is also possible from the major cities by bus.

The team, so far, consists of Paul Gorny, Penny Vos, Brad Pym, Hazairin Junep, Igor Couto, Miranda Lutz, Merradean Pettit and Dianne Lukes. 

 New members are most welcome !

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