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A Good Thing
Australian Esperanto Association
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One way to judge whether a proposal is a good thing is to consider what would happen if everybody did it. If everybody learned Esperanto, after their own, then every one of the x billion people on Earth today could speak with everyone else, even though they use 6, 809 different  first languages. They could all have access to the best medical advice, the best educational resources, the most current research findings ...the things English-speakers take for granted. The burden it would be to us, to all have to learn Japanese just to get ahead in life, is a fact of life for most of the world's people. Even worse, they can't pay for it and so will just have to do without, unable to participate in global knowledge until someone translates it. So, while you enjoy making speedy progress learning your new language, and thinking in it, and making sense to Chinese people and Brazilians and planning amazing adventures, feel good - it is a fine thing you're doing, too!

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