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Travel Team
Australian Esperanto Association
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Aim: To celebrate and publicise our global connections.


Rationale: International travel is a great Australian hobby; and  Esperanto makes it even better!

Team Brief:
1. Plan,
2. Advertise, and
3. Realise, two wonderful annual adventures; Oztrek and Jarvojagxo.

Oztrek (An Australian Odyssey for Overseas Youth Groups)

One possible form:
Participants fly to Melbourne at the start of the European summer holidays, or the start of our winter holidays . They are welcomed by the Melbourne club and have a bit of city fun before heading off by cars or bus to Bega. They stay in economy accommodation in Bega for a few days, surfing, snowboarding, tobogganing, go-carting, boating in the yacht and/or catamarans, laser-gaming, exploring and then continue by cars or bus to Sydney. The group have more city adventures there before flying out of Sydney or continuing north to Newcastle, the Gold Coast and the Reef,  if they wish and funds permit.
Oztrek could be offered to Esperanto Youth groups through TEJO and possibly to other youth groups, such as church groups. AEA members could enjoy hosting a part of the adventure and the association could legitimately make some profit from the service it provides, especially to groups not yet part of the Esperanto community.

Jarvojagxo (An Annual Overseas Esperanto Adventure for New Esperantists).

Those responding to our  “Cultural Escape” advertisement  (to be designed and booked) could be welcomed into a preparation group where they would get to know each other and start  learning the language through the internet and/or the correspondence course and/or real live meetings depending where they are. Participation in Summer School could be part of the package deal. Internet communication could be established between participants and members of the club at the destination. All participants would pay YHA rates for accommodation and this sum would be offered to Esperantists offering home-stay hospitality to offset costs.    (This might not coincide with the Universala Kongreso because the UK is not always very novice-friendly and it is harder to get  home-stays or hostel accommodation at those times.)

To get involved, contact:

(Miranda, Ben, Carol, Andrew, Tudor, Emma, Alan Mendelawitz)

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