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Our aim is to celebrate Harmony Day and other joyful occasions which fit naturally with the spirit of Esperanto. 
Esperanto was created to promote harmony between people of different languages and cultures. Let's celebrate it!
This project  supports AEA's aims of promoting Esperanto while developing solidarity and esteem for peoples of all cultures.

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What we are doing is:

1. Creating  worthwhile and newsworthy events to celebrate:

 a. Harmony Day/Week on March 21st every year.

b.  Universal Children’s Day in October 

Two important dates to keep in mind are Feb 4th- the first date to register an activity for publication- and April, time to apply for funding.. (up to about$50,000)... for next year's program.

We  can get help with financing Harmony Day celebrations from the “ Living in Harmony” Grants Program. These grants are given to: 
1.  promote harmony between people and groups from different backgrounds in the local community; and
2. build on positive values held by many people in the community - social harmony, acceptance of others, commitment to Australia, helping in times of crisis, fairness and equality.

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