Australian Esperanto Association
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The aim of this group is to make sure that we communicate really well, both   among ourselves and with the wider community.

We need to make sure that the door to Esperanto in Australia is as wide open as can be!

 We are planning an exhibition which will showcase our movement in mainstream museums and galleries.

The  English-language exhibition will tour Australia showing the importance of language and culture in today's society, and Esperanto's place as well.

In relation to AEA's goals, it aims:

  1. to promote the use of Esperanto; 
  2. to increase among its members a strong sense of solidarity, and to develop in them understanding and esteem for peoples of other countries;and
  3. to foster cooperation between Esperanto organizations;

This team currently includes Jenny Bishop, Hazel Green, Jay Mooney, Penny Vos Penny Davies and Igor Couto.

At the moment we are working on improving this website to unify the movement in Australia and incorporate our new symbol.

In relation to the exhibition, this group has already begun to:

1. Apply for funding
2. Participate in training courses rum by the Museums and Galleries Foundation of NSW.
3. Engage professional designers and managers and facilitate their development and touring of the exhibition. 
4. Involve as many people as possible!

Other things we might do in future include:

1. Investigating and implementing options for improving our telephone coverage.
2. Consider how well ESK and EsperantoAustralia are working  to convey information and to build community, and propose any improvements where we can.
3. Seek and implement other options for effective communication with the general community.


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