Australian Esperanto Association
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The founder of the Scouting Movement, Lord Baydon-Powell, considered Esperanto to be the ideal language for Scouts around the world to use among themselves. 

In relation to AEA's goals, this group aims:

  1. to promote the use of Esperanto; 
  2. to increase among its members a strong sense of solidarity, and to develop in them understanding and esteem for peoples of other countries;and
  3. to foster cooperation between AEA, SEL (the International Esperanto Scouting League) and TEJO, the World Esperanto Youth Organization.

This group welcomes participation from anyone interested in Esperanto and the Scouting/Guiding movement, whether as participants, parents, leaders or positively wonderful supporters!

We have a beaut plan that brings together Harmony day funding from the government, Kep Enderby's impressive persona, bright young kids, the big centenery jamboree, some sparkly new high tech resources and maybe even some travel funding for a few lucky youths.

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